Hi there Lucy 


You had Coco doing some art classes at the last school holidays and i have been meaning to email you ever since (i am rather slack)

So apologies - just wanted to say what a great time Coco had - she came back home buzzing at what she had done, and all the gorgeous little friends she made while there - so thank you so much for putting on such a great event over the holidays we will be sure to enrol at the next holidays - you ladies do a great job so thank you very  very much.


Kind Regards




Hi guys


Just wanted to say how much Abbie has loved this week - she said tonight how she wishes she could go to Makespace everyday because it's the only place she feels really free and creative and happy. Thank you for creating such a great place for her.


See you Wednesday for curiosity cabinets ;)


Kind Regards








You are making a real difference in Nicole's world. Thank you xxx Sarah



"Today I am going to amazing art class. I feel proud at art class. Today we are going to start painting. My two trees will be blue, green, and white. The house will be brown, black and white.  Art class is my favourite place in the world."


Nicole age 6