We offer day-long and multiple-day holiday programme projects,

which we run side by side from our studio in Sandringham, Auckland. 
You have the option to further your existing project,

or just enjoy that day's project! Sessions run from 8:30am to 3:00pm (can go later by arrangement).Morning tea, drinks and snacks provided; BYO lunch.Costs: $75 per day inc GST and all materials.To book, 

July Holidays 2020 - July 6 - 17th

Keep the kids actively, creatively busy during the holidays! All our workshops are designed not just to be fun and fascinating, but to allow each child to really engage with their creativity in a meaningful way using their ideas, not ours. All our programmes are built with creative expansion in mind, so it's not just about what they make on the day, but how they feel about themselves as creative people going forward.

Our holiday programmes run from 8:30am - 3pm from Lucy's home-based Sandringham studio. We provide very high supervision ratios by practicing professional artists and educators, all materials, and a uniquely warm, nurturing and fun environment in which your child can revel in their own genuinely creative ideas. 

Cost = $85 including all materials (BYO lunch/ snacks). All our courses are suitable for ages 7 and up, occasionally 10 and up (specified on the course information). 

To book, click here to email info@themakespace.co.nz   or call Lucy on 021 555 085

Mon 6th July - SORRY, FULL UP

Drawing – level up! (Age 10+)

This class is for people who are really interested in learning to draw things more realistically. Lucy, who is a professional artist, will teach you the techniques artists learn to really see and draw – including shading, perspective, and how to get shapes really right. If you’re really interested in learning how to draw realistically, come along and pick up some tips, shortcuts and techniques that will put your art up to the next level!


Tues 7th July

Miniature paintings - teeny, tiny and just lovely

We’re going to be creating our own perfect teeny worlds, with teeny brushes and teeny canvases and telling beautiful stories with paint. We’ll work carefully and intricately to make our pieces, then embellish them with gold and silver leaf. If you like, you can also spend time making a frame, or making more gorgeous little paintings!


Weds 8th July


We’ll be using the technique of needle felting in this workshop to create a soft, fluffy piece of fabulousness. You’ll create your very own cushion cover to have on your bed, sofa or floor at home. First we’ll sit down and share our amazing picture ideas and then you will be able to bring them to life using fine, soft merino wool on the surface of your cushion by needle felting (no sewing required for this). If you love to sew, you can add beads, sequins, and pockets as well!


Thurs 9th July

Winter wonderland

In our classic creature- making class, we’ll be creating creatures who live in the cold, real or imagined! Come and create a creature like a penguin or a polar bear, or a fantasy one - What flies in the crystal-cold skies above the clouds? What dwells under the antarctic ice? We’ll be using plaster bandage to sculpt and create our creatures, then all the myriad materials in the Makespace to bring them to life with fur, feathers, coloured paints, and more!


Fri 10th July


Live out your gypsy dreams! Have you got an old bit of furniture at home, - a wooden box, a little bedside table, a magazine rack, a little child’s chair – anything that you would like to upcycle? We will sand it back, then cover it with painted patterns and decoupage, and transform it into a gorgeous piece of folk furniture!  If you’d like to come but don’t have a piece of furniture, let us know a few days in advance and we will get a cute set of wooden boxes for you to transform into adorable storage for your nick nacks!

Mon 13th July

Feel the Magic

..because we cant get enough of magical creatures! Come and join this creature-making workshop which is so much fun. Imagine any creature you like, from any story you love, or from your own dreams, thoughts and ideas. Here, we will bring them to life in 3D using sculpting techniques, foil, plaster bandage and more. Then, we’ll use all the creative resources we have in the Makespace (which is A LOT) to make feathers, skin, wings, talons, fire to breathe, and a home for the creature to rest on.


Tues 14th July

Watercolour wonders

We’ll be using these jewel-like, transparent colours to produce a set of luscious paintings. We’ll teach you how to create fire, water, flowers, birds, and more! If you’ve never tried watercolour before, this will open the door. If you already know how to use it, come along and push your skills further! We’ll do pen and wash, wet in wet, dry brush, and more, to make a selection of gorgeous little paintings to take home and frame, or make into card gifts for your friends and loved ones.


Weds 15th July

Etch – a - sketch

Come along and make a set of beautiful prints using our in-house press. We’ll be doing drypoint etching on Perspex, a scratching technique that’s easy for small hands and produces excellent, professional- looking results that amaze and impress everyone at home. These prints make great gifts and look great framed on the wall. You’ll have time to make lots of different images and really experiment with what you can produce, plus have heaps of fun doing it!

Thurs 16th July

Perfect painting – suggested age 10+

This is our classic painting class. Professional artists Lucy and Emily will teach you how to make a great painting on canvas from scratch. We’ll show you all the tips and tricks and techniques artists use to get great results every time. We’ll teach you about blending, shading, and lots of different types of brush marks while you are making your piece. In this workshop you can either bring along a reference image that you want to make into a painting, or we can set up a still life for you!


Fri 17th July

Stitchin’! (age 10+)

We’ve discovered that we really, really love embroidery! Create awesome pictures inside cute little embroidery hoops – your dog eating hot dogs, bats hanging upside down, colourful patterns, crazy words, anything you like - It will be ‘sew’ much fun (sorry, bad joke..). We’ll be using embroidery hoops and gorgeous skeins of colourful thread to create our very own piece of cross-stitched or embroidered perfection. We’ll sit down and think of cool ideas, show you how to do the different techniques, and then let the fun begin! Embroidery does require quite a bit of focus so this class is recommended for ages 10 and up..

In our workshop we have a vast array of materials for sculpting, painting, creating in 3d, felting, sewing, modelling, casting, printing and more. Because our students work from their own unique ideas and not ours, It’s not always possible to say exactly what we’ll be using in advance! Once our students to imagine their ideas we then find the materials to suit. It’s a bit like letting everybody loose in an art shop, but this open-ended approach gives students as much ideological room as possible which is what we are all about.

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