Master classes

Our master classes are designed to extend those students who show a strong interest or talent in a particular discipline. We offer Master classes in drawing, painting and sculpture. Industry specialists and practising artists are invited to help teach these specialised workshops. With our high supervision ratio we can teach more advanced techniques and use  a wider range of materials. Courses run from one to three days depending on the processes being explored.


Check out our most recent master class below :

Fantasy mask workshop

Seen Lord of the Rings? Or the TV show ‘Face Off’? Orcs, elves, monsters, we created our own custom prosthetic face masks using the same professional techniques and materials as used by movie special effects departments.


No kids’ stuff here –Firstly we created  clay models, then we cast them in plaster and reproduced them in latex , we painted them, added hair, (blood and gore optional!) for a finished full face prosthetic mask.


We brought in a guest teacher, straight from the effects department of a movie set to teach us all the tricks. In this 3 day master class, we created something truly extraordinary and learned some serious skills; then we wore them home and scared our families!


This course was spread over three days with a  weekend in the middle to allow the masks and moulds to dry. Some students came in on the weekend (no extra cost) to help remove their mask from the mould and pour their own latex.



slowly building up the form with clay.

We learnt some new simple but effective techniques- like using a plastic bag on the clay when mark making to give nice clean lines.

ewww! look at that tongue! Some great forms taking shape.

Getting some texture on the skin with a latex stamp.

Painting the layers of latex into each mould.

Tim our expert mould maker showing us the tricks of the trade.

The plaster moulds drying. We got so messy.

The fun bit - pulling the latex out!

Wow! now for the paint job

Putting the teeth in- Fabulously creepy!

Now for the horns and the teeth and your done!

very cool!

Great paint job

Well done!