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Creativity - for life!

In our small group holiday programmes or after school classes, we safely offer in-depth experiences, teaching and materials that many environments don't. Our students make paintings, sculptures, personalised furniture, casts, textiles, screen prints, collages and more…


Our focus is on creativity and originality. We dont make 'craft', we make Art. Our students make things which are totally unique to them. When we are thinking creatively, theres no right or wrong, just endless possibility. We dont use templates or give our students things to copy or styles to emulate, because this closes down the possibilities for true original thought. This is one of the fundamental differences between 'art' and 'craft'.


Art vs Craft

Craft is lots of fun and brings heaps of satisfaction, but it does not develop the same skills as true creative thinking. Read more about the difference between art and craft here.




creative, unique, original

   similar (or identical) to other children's

comes from within the child

   directed from the adult

open-ended, end results unknown

   closed, directions-oriented, end results known

process is valued over finished product

   finished product is valued over process


   copying and imitating


The Makespace 'Art Difference'

Because all our students are working on their own ideas, our classes have to be much smaller than many other similar programmes. We spend individual time with each student helping them bring their own ideas to life, and solving any creative problems that might come up, suggesting materials and teaching whatever skills might be required for them to carry out their vision.


Process, not product

creativity experts all over the world agree that the real value of creativity is in the actual thinking processes involved in making something you thought of into a real, actual thing, rather than in the thing itself.


Because we free our students to make their own visions, they can produce some pretty surprising results! We endeavour to have all our students bring their work to a high standard of finish because we believe in taking pride in our work. However, what they make may not look as 'slick' as something that comes from a more craft-based environment.


We also pledge to match our students' commitment with our own: therefore if they want to make a 10 foot dinosaur, we will help them! If this should happen, we will check with you prior to agreeing to any extra time/materials/space! Also we are aware that space is at a premium these days, so we do encourage students to make works that don't occupy too much of it...


What we dont do..

Many other classes have high student numbers so teachers arent able to offer as much supervision, and need to use craft-style projects in well-defined stages to be able to have all the students produce something that looks great. techniques such as emulating other artists' styles, using templates etc. are often employed. In such situations, each student will produce similar-looking work.


This ensures a great-looking product, but it is our belief that the development of true creative thinking skills relies on the child being able to have their own ideas, then solve the problems of how to see those ideas through themselves (with 'scaffolding' style support where needed, of course).



The value of 'Art Thinking'

Creative thinking skills bring personal pride, confidence, self-worth, and a problem-solving, positive attitude – for life. All our projects are designed to develop and reinforce these skills. There’s no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ – we create an open, supportive space for exploring and creating wonderful ideas. Because of our high supervision ratios and fantastic materials store, our students can make just about anything they want. They have the vision, we help them find a way!

All our projects are focused on individuals reaching their creative potential. For every project, we provide a loose ‘theme’, then;


  • Have a fun-packed brainstorming session where students develop their own unique ideas

  • Help students to make their individual ideas a reality, sharing our extensive experience of materials and techniques

  • Nurture our students as fellow artists who are sharing our studio

So come, have fun, and make something totally awesome…..