We're sooooo sorry about this, but we arent able to run this hols because Lucy has been getting horrible migraines, Jess has moved to Helensville and had a beautiful baby, and Emily and Michael are too busy with their term time teaching and need a vacation in the holidays! As soon as Lucy gets on top of the migraines we can start running again. Until then, please bear with us and accept our apologies for the hiatus! 

We're so so sorry about this, but as with the holidays, we aren't able to run until Lucy gets on top of her migraines.  Please accept our sincere apologies until we are back on our feet!


We are all about creativity: creative thinking skills bring personal pride, confidence, self-worth and a problem-solving, postive attitude - for life. All our projects are designed to develop and reinforce these skills. There's no 'right' and 'wrong' - we create an open, supportive space for exploring and creating wonderful ideas. Because of our high supervision ratios and fantastic materials store, our students can make just about anything they want. They have the vision, we help them find a way!