As if we haven't had enough time off lately, the holidays are upon us! We're pleased to say we are running a full schedule of holiday activities, but numbers will be limited so we can maintain a bit of social distancing.
This holiday we are including lots of drawing and painting, as it seems lots of people have been really discovering these during lockdown. Click here for the full schedule... 

Termtime classes will start a bit late this term! We'll be starting on 31st Oct / 1 Nov

You choose either the Saturday (12-6) or the Sunday (11-5). Cost: $230 for this term as we will only be able to have 4 weekends instead of 5. For students aged 11 and up.

For students who are really keen to take their art to the next level, we create an immersive environment that really gives a sense of being in the studio. Instead of having short classes after school finishes on weekdays, we have a longer class every other weekend. Students have more time to learn, more one to one time with the teacher, and feel a greater sense of belonging in their studio, working in their own space on their own ideas. We aim to help students lift their skills in a way the school environment isn't always able to provide, plus support students who are doing NCEA.

Bring a packed lunch, wear something old and really spend the day getting involved. We'll have a mix of specific skills teaching, one on one teaching and being able to work on our own or school projects. 

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call Lucy on 021 555 085 any time!

Please note: if you have any kind of sniffle / cough / temperature, please stay home so we can continue to observe good safety guidelines (you won't be charged for the session).


We are all about creativity: creative thinking skills bring personal pride, confidence, self-worth and a problem-solving, postive attitude - for life. All our projects are designed to develop and reinforce these skills. There's no 'right' and 'wrong' - we create an open, supportive space for exploring and creating wonderful ideas. Because of our high supervision ratios and fantastic materials store, our students can make just about anything they want. They have the vision, we help them find a way!

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